Bible Study and Prayer Group

Bible Study: While most of our Bible reading, sermons and prayer obviously takes place at our Sunday Services, we also recognise the need to meet to meet midweek in smaller groups.

We have two Bible Study groups (shared with St Margaret’s parish).These groups are open to all, and each session is self-contained, so feel free to come even for just one session.
Please contact us for details of where and when the subsequent sessions are due to take place.

Prayer: We have a sheet on the font at the back of church for anyone – weekday visitors, or those coming to church – to add special prayer requests to be prayed during our services. We don’t believe, however, that it’s possible in an hour’s service containing Bible readings and hymns and much more besides to include as much prayer as we feel God wants. Additionally, we know that meeting in a smaller less formal group can also be a better occasion to share particular concerns. We meet in an informal way usually twice monthly for about an hour to pray around a whole variety of topics from world issues to our communities and for each other. Everyone is of course very welcome to join us, to sit back quietly or to be more involved, perhaps in leading occasionally or hosting the meeting. We are a friendly and inclusive group and it would be lovely to have others join us. Our next such Prayers at home dates are always to be found on our Events page and in the most recent Parish Magazine

If you are in the area, or can make the time, please do join us – you would be most welcome at any venue.

Equally, if you have a particular issue you’d like prayer for, do ask! For any further information, and for future venues, please contact the Vicar (01732 761766) or see our Events page.