This page is designed to try to help answer some of the bigger questions surrounding a Baptism (sometimes called a christening) at St Lawrence’s, but the most important thing we can encourage you to do is to contact us at the earliest opportunity.

What is a Baptism?

Amongst other things, Baptism is a service of marking the very beginning of a Christian life and it is the point at which an individual becomes part of the worldwide Church. It is a joy for us to offer such a service.

Who can be Baptised at St Lawrence’s?

If you live within St Lawrence’s parish boundaries, or worship here – no problem! But if that isn’t the case, but you (or your family) still have strong links with St Lawrence’s, then please contact us. (The usual practice is that a person is baptised in the parish in which they live – this is for the ongoing involvement which a baptism implies. If the baptism isn’t at your own church, then we do need to obtain the permission of that church’s priest or minister.)

When do Baptisms/Christenings take place?

At our main service – that’s at 9:45 am on Sunday and normally on the first Sunday of the month, but see our services schedule. If there are special reasons why a Baptism needs to take place at another time, please make contact to discuss this.

What about preparation?

It is important that those being baptised (or for a child, their parents) understand something of what Baptism is – did you know, for example, that part of baptism is to “die” to some things so that the person can live more fully? Therefore we expect at least one session together to talk through some of these issues – but also to discuss some of the practical things which will happen on the day. You might, for example, want to suggest one or more of the hymns to be sung at the service.

If you or your family are not already church-goers, we strongly request that you join us for worship on two or three Sundays beforehand so you get a sense of what worship at St Lawrence’s is like.

Godparents (sometimes called Sponsors)

The traditional pattern has been to have three Godparents, who need to have been baptised into any Christian denomination and be, at the minimum, 16 years of age.


Baptism is about a gift from God – so (unlike a wedding or a funeral) there is of course no monetary charge! There is usually, however, the “normal” collection during the service, if you and your guests would like to contribute to the running costs of the church, but there is no obligation to contribute.

More Information

Please see the Church of England Christenings website for more information regarding the service and the role of parents and godparents. Please contact the Vicar for more information.