Tree of Life Altar Frontal for St Lawrence C of E School May 2020

Made by St Lawrence Stitchers :

Ethelwyn Osbourne, Gretel Wakeham, Alison Glennie, Sheila Jackson, Bridge Stephens, Teresa Anderson, Jenny Wharton, Rosemary Attenborough, Louise Clark, Lesley Rayner, Maureen Lewis, Gwen Ayling and Roz Morris. 

The tree design has been inspired by the location of the church and the school  in a rural setting near to Sevenoaks.  The leaves and animals on the ‘Oak’  tree are in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, to represent the diversity of life in the school.  The materials and skills used in the design  represent the important connection between the church and the school.   

All the fabrics,  embroidery threads and wools used to make the tree,  leaves and animals were donated.  The white silk of the tree was left over from making a vicar’s stole to celebrate 150 years in 2018. The green background fabric was donated by Robin Kiddell, and the White lining fabric was donated by Kate Clark.

The leaves on the tree and the animals have all been individually drawn and made by the Stitchers using  a variety of stitching methods, including needlepoint, embroidery and knitting. The wools and canvas used to create these leaves and animals are the excess materials from earlier stitching projects at the church, including the kneelers made following the lightening strike in 2005.  The owl and the squirrel were made by Teresa Anderson, The ‘Jenny’ Wren by Jenny Wharton, The dormouse by Louise Clarke and the Blackbird and ladybirds by Roz Morris.